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Neuroscience and Mental Health

Organizer: Ana Cristina Rego and Isabel Santana

Date: 27 - 31 January 2020

The course schedule can be found here


Background and Goals:

The PhD course on ‘Neuroscience and Mental Health’ will focus on the latest research in the field of chronic neurodegenerative and mental health diseases and stroke, largely affecting the central and peripheral nervous system. Importantly, these pathologies are very common in the adult and aged portuguese community.


The course is intended to promote the understanding of molecular, biochemical and cellular mechanisms operating in these devastating diseases and their correlation with clinical outcomes and modifications. Furthermore, the course will cover novel detection methods and therapies that are under development or under clinical trials. Clinical, brain imaging and selective neuropathological aspects of these disorders will be discussed by experienced neurologists or psychiatrists.


Reviews and original papers on each one of the lectured themes.