In the first year of the Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences students are required to attend a series of courses in core and specialization areas. These are designed to provide students with general knowledge required in a broad range of research themes, as well as to expose them to a variety of different specialization areas within Health Sciences, helping with the selection of a research area in which to develop their thesis.

As part of its strategy of internationalization the Advanced Courses and Specialization seminars of the doctoral programme are taught by leading portuguese and foreign scientists in the specialization areas of the course. Students also have the possibility of carrying out part of their research activities in international laboratories.

On this page you can find general information about the mandatory courses of this doctoral programme as well as all available optional courses. Specific course information regarding lecturers, contents and schedule will be sent registered students sent made available at the start of the doctoral programme in September.

To help improve our courses we would like to receive feedback from students. At the end of each course students are asked to fill the form found here and send the completed form to phdhs@fmed.uc.pt

Cursos do Tronco Comum

Optional Courses