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The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences is an teaching and research organisational unit of the University of Coimbra
The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences provides a set of undergraduate courses (Bachelors), integrated master, post-graduate, master and doctorate courses in the scientific fields of Psychology, Education Sciences and Social Work.
The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra, within its Research and Development Units and its associated research facilities, undertakes research work that is recognised for its quality and scientific relevance, as evidenced by the number of ongoing funded projects and the level of scientific publications of the Faculty’s teachers, many of which have won awards and recognition in national and international events.
Community Service Centre
Services to the community are administered and coordinated by the Community Service Centre (CPSC).

Community services provision refers to the set of activities involving FPCEUC human and / or material resources, requested either by external entities, individual or legal, or proposed by members of the CPSC.
Library, Media Library and Test Library
The Library, the Media Library and the Test Library are part of the Documentation and Information Centre, one of the technical and scientific support structures to research activities, Teaching and community service provision of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (Article 10 of the Statutes).