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The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences provides a set of undergraduate courses (Bachelors), integrated master, post-graduate, master and PhD programs in the scientific fields of Psychology, Education Sciences and Social Work.

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences has an international Outlook, with mobility agreements with several prominent European universities and other higher education institutions and offers a European Master’s Degree sponsored by the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

Licenciatura (Estudos de 1º Ciclo)

BSc (1st Cycle Studies)

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences provides 1st Cycle Studies (BSc) in the fields of Education Sciences (6 semesters) and Social Work (7 semesters).

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Mestrados (Estudos de 2º Ciclo)

Masters (2nd Cycle Studies)

The Faculty provides 2nd Cycle Studies in the form of Continuity Master’s Degrees (in the same academic field as the Bachelor’s Degree), Academic Masters’ (with specialisation in different thematic areas) and an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree.

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Doutoramentos com curso (3º Ciclo)

PhD with course (3rd Cycle)

The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences provides training at the level of doctoral studies, either with or without a course attached.

PhD programs with course include a curricular component (specialisation advanced course) prior to the preparation and defence of the thesis.

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PhD without course (3rd Cycle)

The doctoral program without a course consists on the preparation and public examination, before a jury convened for the purpose, of an original thesis. The candidate does not have to attend a specialization course at the beginning of the study cycle.

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Formação não graduada

Non-graduate training

The Faculty also provides a number of post-graduate courses, brief courses and training activities in various areas, as well as Distance Teaching Courses in collaboration with UC_D (Distance Education Project of the University of Coimbra).

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