Bachelor’s Degree in Education Sciences

Bachelor’s Degree in Education Sciences

As current coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Education Sciences I welcome the students who have joined this Faculty to start their higher education. I wish to congratulate you for having achieved your goal thus far. It is my role to contribute to the pursuit of the goals that made you choose the Degree in Education Sciences, by accompanying you to help overcome any difficulties and obstacles you may encounter, in cooperation with the bodies and services of this Faculty, and by ensuring the proper functioning of the course and its regular evaluation.

This course has achieved very favourable reviews from those who have attended it, high approval rates and academic success, to which both the work carried out by all the teachers and the students who have chosen this training and the positive climate that characterises this institution have certainly contributed. Now it's your turn to ensure the quality performance we expect from each and every one of you.

Welcome to Education Sciences!

Professora Doutora Maria da Graça Bidarra (PhD)