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Application to a PhD Without Course

Candidates to this PhD program modality apply at the FPCEUC.

1. The application must be supported by the following documents:

2. Application form (template available here

3. Thesis project (template available here). (This document must be signed by the candidate and the supervisor(s) on every page).

4. Two letters of recommendation;

5. Updated curriculum vitae (template available here);

6. Letter of Acceptance from the applicant's supervisor(s);

7. Motivation letter (explaining the reasons for choosing the PhD specialty);

8. Copy of the personal identification document;

9. Certified copy of the document proving the qualifications. 

9.1 In the case of foreign diplomas:

9.1.1 If the diploma is written in another Language than English, French or Spanish, the applicant must present a certified translated version into Portuguese.

9.1.2 In case of the Diplomas/documents issued by institutions outside the European Union, the original of the diploma must be authenticated by the Portuguese Embassy/Consulate of Portugal in the country of origin, or by the Hague Convention Apostille.

10. If necessary, applicants holding a foreign diploma may also be required to present the following documents issued by the foreign university;

10.1 The candidate's Transcript of Records;

10.2 Programmatic contents of the curricular units of the degree;

10.3 Information about the teaching hours of the degree;

10.4 The percentile;

10.5 A copy of the Master's dissertation (for candidates holding a master)

 All documents must be presented at the Faculty Academic Services or sent to:

 Scientific Board of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

 R. do Colégio Novo 3000-115 Coimbra - Portugal 

 Fees: Application fee - € 50.00 (to be paid later on, after notification from the Central Office of the University of Coimbra)