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The Direction should:

  1. Represent the Faculty at the University organs and exterior;
  2. Assure, without delegation possibilites, the presidency of the Scientific Council and the Pedagogical Council;
  3. Elaborate the next year budget and activity plan to send for the Rector at 15 of November each year;
  4. Elaborate the previous year activity report and balance to send for the Rector at 31 of March each year;
  5. Execute the Scientific Council and the Pedagogical Council vinculative deliberations;
  6. Direct the Faculty services and aprove the necessary regulations;
  7. Assure the articulation between the Courses and REsearch Groups;
  8. Assure the articulation between teaching, research and comunitty services;
  9. Aprove the calendar and lective activities, exams timetables, having heardScientific Council and the Pedagogical Council;
  10. Aprove the teaching service distribution aproved by the Scientific Council;
  11. Aprove the common use with other Faculties and remaining organic units, of hte material and human resourcesa for the organization of  common initiatives, having heard the competent organs;
  12. Exercize the functions delegated by the Rector;
  13. Perform other duties entrusted to it by the law, the Statutes of the University of Coimbra or the current Statutes;
  14. Assume all competences which by law or current Statutes are note atributed to other Faculty organs.


António Gomes Ferreira (Dean of the Faculty) (Full Professor)