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Applied Cognitive Psychology Laboratory

Teacher in charge: Armando Luís Dinis Mónica de Oliveira PhD

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Psychological Evaluation and Psychometrics Laboratory

Teacher in charge: Mário Manuel Rodrigues Simões PhD

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Babylab Laboratory

Teacher in charge: Joaquim Eduardo Nunes de Sá PhD


Memory, Language and Executive Functions Laboratory

Teacher in charge:  José Augusto Simões Gonçalves Leitão PhD

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Perception and Object and Actions Recognition Laboratory

Teacher in charge:  Jorge Manuel Castelo Branco de Albuquerque Almeida PhD

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Educational Technology Laboratory

Teacher in charge:  Ana Amélia Amorim Carvalho PhD

FPCEUC Laboratories General Rules - Approved on March 7, 2014


The Observation Unit on Citizenship and Social Intervention is a research facility and university extension with the main goal of involving students, teachers and volunteers in research dynamics and community participation (via intervention projects and volunteering).

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