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Memory, Language and Executive Functions Laboratory


The Memory, Language and Executive Functions Laboratory (LMLFE) is one of the laboratories of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra (UC-FPCE) provided for in Article 10 of its statutes as technical and scientific support facilities for research activities, teaching and service to the community.

The LMLFE defines itself as a technical-scientific support facility for research activities and teaching in thematic areas related to the psychology of memory, language and executive functions, developed by teachers / researchers of the FPCE-UC.


The LMLFE frames its activities so as to allow, through the appropriate use of its spaces and facilities:

  1. the acquisition of data in research projects relating to mnemonic, linguistic and executive control processes, prioritising studies on the impact of aging or of psychiatric / neurological conditions on these processes;
  2. the development of educational / training / scientific dissemination activities related to the use of these facilities and / or other activities subsidiary to research projects in the thematic fields of the memory, language and executive function psychology.


Main Researchers / Project Coordinators:

José Augusto Simões Gonçalves Leitão

José Augusto Veiga Pinto Gouveia

Maria Salomé Estima de Pinho


Ana Lúcia dos Santos Faria

Ana Rita Esteves de Sousa e Silva

Cátia Alexandra Pereira Gonçalves

Daniela Sofia Reis Neves

Elzbieta Malgorzata Bobrovicz Campos

Luís Miguel da Silva Pires

Marta Isabel de Matos Gonçalves

Paulo Assis da Silva Marcos Pimentel

Sofia Daniela Ferreira Barreiro

Susana Idalina de Sá Fernandes

Cristiana Oliveira Pires Duarte

Joana Filipa de Matos Duarte

Location and Contacts:

The LMLFE is located in the basement of Building 1 of the FPCE-UC. The room is divided into three offices, of approximately 4 m each, for individual data acquisition.

Contact for the Researcher with responsibility for the Laboratory: