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    The Mission


    For seven centuries the University of Coimbra has played an essential role in connecting Portugal to the great scientific and cultural movement of Europe and the rest of the world. Recently, this vocation has been affirmed under new forms, among them creating and actively participating in international networks of universities.
    Unquestionably, today, this long history of commitment to the ideal of universality and the European vocation is facing new and complex challenges. The European Project now plays a role in the sphere of learning guided by the strategy of building a dynamic and competitive society based on knowledge, and an intellectual, cultural, social, scientific and technological depth and richness. What is in question is no less than the general development of Europe, the mobility and the employability of its citizens, and the affirmation and attractiveness of its culture around the world.
    The universities must play a role in the fulfilment of this mission, holding in mind its aim and adding their fundamental legacy of knowledge and culture to the development of the European Space of Higher Education (defined in the Bologna Declaration as a target for 2010).


    in the beginning of this new cycle of the University's life, we assume very clearly our place in the European Project, and do so knowing that our future affirmation as university in the context of European Space of Higher Education will be based on what we are (the cultural and intellectual heritage of our past) and on how we develop and build upon that legacy. We also do so in the belief that only the hard work of building and maintaining quality in all our areas of activity can bring to fulfilment these resolutions.
    The involvement of the University of Coimbra in the European Space of Higher Education demands adhesion, participation and quality.
    Adhesion, because we take as ours the purpose of the creation of the European Space of Higher Education, as defined by the Bologna Declaration.
    Participation, because, in collaboration with other European institutions of higher education, we will contribute actively to the endeavour and seek to promote our vision of what this Space of diversity and transparency should be.
    Quality, in contents and proceedings, because we believe this is the essential pillar of the real viability for the European Space of Higher Education.
    Taking into consideration these principles and to prove that the University of Coimbra has been making significant efforts this area, and that we will in the future increase those efforts, we have created a Mission Group for the European Space of Higher Education, the GE3S, with the following tasks:

    • to elaborate a European policy statement, within the framework of the Socrates Institutional Contract, with the purpose of being awarded the Erasmus University Charter for the University of Coimbra;
    • to inform all the members of the University about the developments that, in the follow-up of the Bologna Declaration, will contribute to the creation of the European Space of Higher Education;
    • to stimulate and support inside the university the reflection, innovation and reforms that will contribute significantly to this shared project;
    • to coordinate the activities of the various sections of the University whenever articulated action at the level of the institution is necessary.

    The Mission Group of GE3S will depend directly on the Rectorate and will have the participation of representatives of all the organs of the University and of the Student Association of the University of Coimbra.

    Coimbra, July 2002

    The Rector of the University of Coimbra

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