Herbarium of University of Coimbra

Specimen quality control

The Portuguese collection is being restored.

Due to an interruption on the fumigation procedures in the 1970-80s some material was contaminated by beetle. Also some mounting support did not withstand well the passing of time and manipulation.

The strategy is to revise first the families most afflicted with beetle destruction, restoration taking place now at the composites.

The specimens are

  • ž being cleared of destroyed material and insects collected for identification,
  • ž rescued material is placed in new capsules,
  • ž supports and labels restored.

The specimens receive then a barcode and are digitally photographed prior to re-inclusion in the collection.

For the occasional destroyed specimen:

  • ž the plant material is cleared from the support,
  • ž the label is annotated for further collecting,
  • ž the empty sheet is re-included in the collection.

Capological Collection

The collection consists of 388 items, 372 of dried material and only 16 in spirit. Most of this material is of African origin. The collection is going through restoration. It is being:

  • ž cleaned,
  • ž sorted by countries and collectors.

It still is necessary:

  • ž new labels,
  • ž new custom made storage boxes,
  • to establish the correspondence between herbarium specimens and carpological items and to place cross-reference labels on both.

A specimen before the cleaning proces

The same specimen after cleaning