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The radiopharmaceutical way to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

In a joint effort to tackle Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Technophage in collaboration with ICNAS (Instituto de Ciências Nucleares Aplicadas à Saúde) is developing a diagnostic solution in PET imaging for this overwhelming pathology.
11 may, 2021
AD Medinfar
AD Medinfar
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The experience of the company in discovery of small domain antibodies and GMP production of biologics, allied to the expertise of ICNAS in the development of radiochemicals including First in Human studies paved the way to a new and exciting project.

We propose to develop and validate a new commercial biomarker for imaging that will allow a more precise and early diagnosis of AD through detection of beta-amyloid.

This project is a result from a partnership with Medinfar Group and Recipharm Venture Fund.

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