Climate, Energy and Mobility

In the Strategic Area “ Climate, Energy and Mobility”, we aim to foster basic and translational research, across various disciplines, to generate new knowledge for the mitigation of climate change impact. Simultaneously, results obtained within this Strategic Area will enhance the sustainability and competitiveness in the energy and transport sectors, as well as the quality of the services that these sectors bring to citizens and society at large. Actions within this strategic area should contribute to generating knowledge for technological, economic and societal transformations required to achieve climate neutrality, a better adaptation to climate change, and, thus, to ensure a socially fair transition.

The areas of intervention are focused on the following topics:

  • Climate science and solutions for a climate neutrality

  • Energy supply systems

  • Power systems and grids

  • Clean energy transition at industrial buildings and plants

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Low-carbon and competitive transport solutions

R&D units that develop research that contributes to this Strategic Research Area: