Supporting research

If you are considering applying for a call from Horizon Europe (Pillar 1 and 2), please express your interest to the respective strategic area manager of your research area. In addition, please inform the Research Support Unit (DAPI) before beginning the procedures necessary for writing the proposal.

The Strategic Areas support Horizon Europe applications through:

  • Identification and involvement of interested partners or consortia;
  • Support in meetings for preparation of the applications;
  • Clarification of the scope and requirements of the call topics;
  • Preparation of templates and writing aids for funding applications;
  • Contact with other UC application support services (DAPI; DRI; UC Business; others);
  • Support in writing of the proposals regarding institutional articulation, with UC's Plan for Equality, Equity and Diversity (GEP) (2019-2023), and UC open science policy;
  • Review of the proposal aligned with evaluation criteria of the program (up to one month before the call deadline);
  • Support for applications in the scope of the initiatives of ERC@UC and MarieCurie@UC.

In addition,the Strategic Areas provide support for Research at the UC, namely:

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