The second session of the 2021/2022 academic year of the iiiUC trainings: Tools to support research, is dedicated to the topic of Responsible Research and Innovation.

The session will be conducted by Alexandra Aragão from the Instituto Jurídico da Universidade de Coimbra.

Have you ever thought about this:

If someone asks a researcher if their research responds to societal challenges, contributes to the advancement of science, contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals, and respects the ethical requirements of research, the answer will surely be "of course it does."

But when it comes to publicly defending the research we are doing, it is not enough to claim.

You have to prove it!

The session aims to look one by one at the European Responsible Research and Innovation indicators to demonstrate to funding bodies, evaluation panels, competition boards, international experts and members of thesis juries that each of the criteria for "Responsible Research and Innovation - RRI" ( are met.

This training will take place on March 29 at 2:30 pm.

This iiiUC event is online, in Portuguese and open to the entire University of Coimbra Community.