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Institute for Interdisciplinary Research

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (IIIUC) is a Research and Education unit of the University of Coimbra for the promotion of research and advanced interdisciplinary education, that encourages the crossing of knowledge and of team building of different areas, in order to assure international recognition of the scientific research of the UC. The IIIUC promotes PhD courses with interdisciplinary purpose.

Concerning the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the Institute acts in complementary ways: organising initiatives and events, training UC researchers on effective science communication to non specialist audiences and, finally, supporting activities and projects of the Centro de Ciência Viva Rómulo de Carvalho (CCV-RC) in its headquarter - the IIIUC.

Thirty nine R&D units are presently members of the IIIUC. Research is being developed in the areas of Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Arts and Humanities. In order to be a member of the IIIUC, R&D Units must obtain a mark of Good or above in the scientific evaluation process carried out by international scientific panels, under the coordination of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

Statutes of IIIUC (Portuguese)

Governance of IIIUC