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Public discussion - Scientific employment policies - ANICT 2020

3 march, 2020

In the last decade, several scientific policies have been promoted to increase employment opportunities for scientists, to rejuvenate institutions and to increase funding opportunities for young PhD graduates. However, the lack of coordination of implemented policies associated with the almost non-existence of opportunities to enter a scientific career has led to a huge waste of public investment in highly qualified human resources.

Faced with this problem, a Commission for the Evaluation of the Programme to Encourage Scientific Employment was recently created by the Government, which aims at identifying existing problems and pointing out guidelines for new scientific employment policies. 

As a representative association of researchers, the National Association of Researchers in Science and Technology (ANICT) was invited to participate in the process conducted by the Evaluation Committee of the Programme to Encourage Scientific Employment. To this end, it will launch a national hearing of researchers through a cycle of symposia entitled "ANICT 2020", which will take place in various institutions in the country. The main objectives are: 

- mapping the main problems that PhD researchers face in the development of their work activity; 

- discuss concrete proposals for priority scientific policies that the Government should implement in the short, medium and long term. 

This national consultation will culminate with the sending of its results to the respective Commission for the Evaluation of the Stimulus Program for Scientific Employment, as well as to the Members of Parliament and the Government.

On March 5th, the ANICT2020 will take place at Anfiteatro Nobre, Departamento de Engenharia Química, Polo II , in the period between 9h30-11:30 h. 

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