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Online Trainning Session- Platform

14 april, 2020

The Interdisciplinary Research Institute, in partnership with, is promoting an online training session on April 23rd, Thursday, at 2:30pm, dedicated to the platform. is an FCT-FCCN infrastructure that preserves and allows the search of millions of web pages archived since 1996.

80% of the web pages disappear one year after its publication. Through the service, contents that are no longer available on the web are searchable and can be extracted for memory and research purposes.

This training shows how research works, pointing out cases of use in the Humanities area.

The aim is to give participants the basic notions to use as a source in their research and to compete for the Prize.

An introductory approach is made to the API (Application Programming Interface) of, showing how to automatically and massively access information from

The initiative is open to the whole UC community.

Sign up here.

The documents that summarize the topics covered can be found at:

-Presentation I

-Presentation II