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Casa CEIS20

The Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies - CEIS20 is a research unit of the University of Coimbra (UC) linked to the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the UC and funded since 1998 by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).
It seeks to assay the topics of contemporaneity and to study contemporary societies. It is especially focused on enhancing knowledge about production and reproduction of Portuguese society, in particular looking into how this fits into the large coordinates of the 20th century and their developments.
The Centre is organised into seven groups and a nucleus. Its scientific productivity is linked to the individual dynamics of these groups and the linkages between their activities, against a backdrop of interdisciplinarity, perceived as the methodology targeting knowledge and theoretical innovation required by their research object.

To enhance this reading of the broad scope of our coverage of contemporaneity, the Centre has anchored its activities in two (intergroup, interdisciplinary, multiannual) Research Programmes: Two centuries of liberalism, 1820-2020: forms of State, social movements and subjectivation devices and Movement: people and ideas between places.


It promotes advanced training, namely through the 3rd Cycle Course in Contemporary Studies. CEIS20 delivers post-graduate education in other forms and provides training to young researchers by fostering research. It hosts a large number of Portuguese and foreign post-doctoral researchers.

CEIS20 is the publisher of the annual theme journal Estudos do Século XX. It still has the  Cadernos do CEIS20, the Journal Mediapolis and with the Europe Direct information relay in Aveiro, in partnership with the European Parliament office in Portugal, it sustains the electronic journal Debater a Europa. In the framework of its activities, several collections are published: Minerva História; Estudos sobre a Europa; História Contemporânea; Ciências e Culturas; Ciências, Tecnologias e Imaginários. Estudos de História séculos XVIII-XX, A Paleta e o Mundo; Comunicação, História e Memória; História e Desporto; História e Filatelia.

In December 2019, the Centre included 115 integrated members and 201 collaborators members, out of a total of 316 members. 

Statutes of the CEIS20