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Interdisciplinary dialogues

To continuously improve the research and scientific investigation processes, and stimulate new practices, themes and creative solutions, CEIS20 set up three spaces for discussion, dialogue and reflection: the CEIS20 Time for Reflection, Dialogue on projects, and the Ideas workshop. In this context, the Meeting of Young Researchers initiative should also be part of these initiatives.
At the same time, the Coordinators – lines, groups and editorial staff – meet twice a month to assess the Centre’s investigation process, objectives, needs, and organisation of different scientific events.

 CEIS20 Time for reflection

Annual meeting for strategic and scientific thinking, promoting constructive and open discussions and dialogues, seeking always to strengthen CEIS20 as an entity and community of research and investigation dedicated to knowledge and society. With this in mind, it is essential to develop a collegiate dynamics, suited to a research unit such as CEIS20, promoting scientific innovation and stimulating interdisciplinary debates.
It provides the right moment to take stock of the work done, to impart critical and constructive views on new ideas and practices, define research priorities, and reflect on a deeper level of analysis in such a way as to enable the emergence of new scientific enquiries. This one-day event provides the time to reflect on CEIS20 and consists in the presentation of the mains lines of action of the Centre’s Scientific Coordination, of the various groups and clusters, thematic lines and areas of intervention. It is a moment for sharing and for retrospective and prospective analyses, where future common, short and long term strategies are defined, involving, where possible, the members of the External Scientific Monitoring Commission.
The first CEIS20 Time for Reflection was held on 6 January 2018 and was attended by more than seventy integrated researchers to discuss, among others, the CEIS20 Strategic Project for the five-year period 2018-2022.

Dialogue projects

Annual meeting of CEIS20 researchers attended by experts specialised in setting up projects, where the various researchers present their project ideas individually or in groups, sharing their intentions and objectives to transform ideas into projects and effective applications.
The aim is to deepen the relations between researchers, establish contacts and define strategies and common themes for integrated mature projects arising from shared research and investigation concerns within CEIS20. To this end, information on applications for competitive national and international funding projects is also available.
This is the right place for defining external partnerships to create and/or strengthen broad project applications, fully in keeping and in coordination with the Rectorate of the University of Coimbra.

Meeting of Young Researchers

Interdisciplinary open meeting mainly intended for the presentation and discussion of the work conducted by PhD candidates. Eight meetings have already been organised by the Centre.
Its main purpose is to give the junior researchers at CEIS20 the opportunity to share and disclose their scientific production.
It aims to be a venue for sharing and discussing the research work conducted by junior researchers of CEIS20, which may still be at an early stage, under development or even completed, and always on one of the focus areas of the Centre’s scientific scope. Priority is given to interdisciplinary research focusing on the analysis of the state of the art or on the presentation of and discussion of relevant work methods or innovative information. An edited volume is always published containing the works presented at the Meeting.

Ideas workshop

The purpose of this space for dialogue and discussion of ideas, in the field of humanities and contemporary studies, is to serve as an incubator of ideas and new projects, thus contributing to a continuous improvement of research and investigation processes, and stimulating new practices and creative solutions.
This space is predominantly intended for the CEIS20 researchers, even though it is open to researchers from other R&D centres. It seeks to bring together under the same roof different generations and disciplinary interests, and opinions and knowledge of young researchers and investigators of outstanding national and international reputation. This space works
primarily in coordination with the thematic lines and groups. The most innovative ideas are supported by the CEIS20 Board, so as to provide the necessary conditions for their development and the consolidation of projects.