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Interdisciplinary Clusters

Territory, Innovation and Sustainable Development Cluster

António Rochette Cordeiro; Luís Alcoforado

Brief overview
This cluster addresses, summarises and lends interdisciplinary depth to a meaningful set of research, partnerships, networks and joint initiatives conducted in connection with territories, which are regarded to different extents and are both functional and symbolic.
The Cluster is interested in the many processes required to redefine the national context, which differ from those in Europe, Africa and South America. It also launches the foundations for research into the conditions for the shift of political and economic decision-making entities to outside Europe and expand the research on the relations with the East.

Pedagogical Studies of Higher Education Cluster

António Gomes Ferreira; José António Moreira

Brief overview
Its main objective is to reformulate the status of pedagogy in Higher Education through its renewal and enhancement, thereby helping it to face the challenges and requirements of Higher Education today.
It thus seeks to:

  1. produce knowledge related to the new challenges facing pedagogy in higher education within the different learning environments of digital society;
  2. analyse the input arising from pedagogical approaches;
  3. disseminate information related to knowledge and the use of digital learning platforms and digital-technological tools, from a communication and education perspective.

The cluster’s activities are planned so as to respond to strategic priorities and emerging needs, but also towards building a consistent and potentially transforming work, translated into initiatives targeted to the production of knowledge and practices, in line with the current research in pedagogy in Higher Education