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Ciência Vitae

The eighth session of the iiiUC Training: Research Support Tools is dedicated to the national platform CIÊNCIAVITAE and will be conducted by Licínia Ferreira, Promoter CIÊNCIAVITAE at the University of Coimbra (UC) and collaborator of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research.

CIÊNCIAVITAE is a system of science curricular management, as well as a tool to support the modernisation of a CV, since it works as an integrated and personalised repository of the path of each researcher.

It allows the aggregation in a single site of information dispersed in multiple platforms, in a simple way and respecting the specificities of the scientific areas.

This platform is developed and managed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and this training is intended to encourage students and researchers from the UC to create their CIÊNCIAVITAE.

The training will take place on the afternoon of February 11th, 2.30pm and will be open to the entire UC Community.

You can upload the slides here; and you can also acess the recording of the training here.