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InCites: Promotion of the impact of the activities developed in an R&D Unit

The iiiUC Trainings are back! This time, they start with the UC Science Managers Support Trainings.

The January edition is dedicated to the InCites platform: Promotion of the impact of the activities developed in an R&D Unit, and will be led by Susana Jarmelo, from the Quality Promotion Office of the University of Coimbra.

This training will be two sessions:

  • 25 January: Managers of the Area of Natural Sciences
  • 31 January: Social Sciences Area Managers

This iiiUC event is online, in Portuguese and open to the entire UC community.

This hands-on training aims to:

Show the potential of the bibliographic and bibliometric tools made available by the University of Coimbra (UC) to the whole academic community; namely, the bibliographic database (DB) Web of Science (WoS) and the respective metrics program InCites - Clarivate Analytics (CA), to which a large part of the workshop's time will be dedicated, as well as the Scopus - Elsevier DB. Encourage science managers in r&d units to use these tools.

♦ Alert about the need to make available in the institutional repository (IR) of the UC, Estudo Geral, all the scientific production of the r&d unit, in particular the one that is outside the commercial DBs (WoS and/or Scopus).

♦ Reflect on the importance of collecting and monitoring new indicators (altmetrics), namely social indicators related to quality of life and sustainability, which can benefit both science and society. Altmetrics indicators can reflect a complementary dimension of research performance. Their emergence is causing a major transformation in research evaluation as they introduce a new perspective on research activity by relating research impact and social competence.

♦ To stress the importance of knowing the methodology of research evaluation by different structures: FCT; A3ES; World University Rankings, in order to be able to improve the performance of the UC.

To raise awareness of the importance of the UC Management System (SG.UC) in promoting quality management in research. The UC has been developing an internal quality assurance system, transversal to all areas of activity, which supports the overall management of the institution, promoting the alignment of planning, monitoring, evaluation, analysis and improvement processes of the activities developed, in order to produce information to support decision making, thus contributing to the promotion of a culture of quality excellence of the institution and overall satisfaction of the different stakeholders.