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In an attempt to better clarify our academic community, the Institute of Interdusciplinarity Research has produced the document CIENCIAVITAE: a guide. A support tool for researchers and teachers, for a simple and correct curriculum management on the CIENCIAVITAE platform.

It is intended to facilitate the widespread implementation of this information system to support scientific activity, particularly in the formulation and/or updating of a curriculum CIENCIAVITAE, as this is an essential step for the preparation of applications for research projects in national competitions.

However, the CIENCIAVITAE platform is intended not only for researchers and teachers, but also for students, technicians or science managers. For any of the users, the purpose of this guide is to provide an easy initiation to CIENCIAVITAE and equip them with knowledge that will allow them to autonomously develop the individual record in the most complete and appropriate way.

For additional questions, please contact us through the email address: iii@uc.pt

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