Target audience: Responsible for science management and/or communication at the UC; UC researchers

Date and Time: 27 February, between 14h00 and 18h00

Format of the session: Face-to-face

No. of vacancies: 30

Language: Portuguese

Local: Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (iiiUC), Polo 2, Rua Francisco Lemos, 3030-789, Coimbra

Registration is until 22nd February here.


▪ Raise awareness of gender (and other) biases in communication;
▪ Understand the importance of communication in promoting equality and diversity in an academic context;
▪ Identify strategies and practices for the adoption of inclusive visual language and communication in all institutional and scientific communication practices and platforms;
▪ Build guidelines for the adoption of inclusive communication in the UC.


▪ Why? The relevance of inclusive communication in Higher Education and Research; Resistance to adopting the inclusive language.
▪ What and when? Concept, domains and areas of use of inclusive communication in an academic context.
▪ Strategies and practices of communication (verbal and visual) that are sensitive to gender, ethnic gender, ethnic, cultural and other particular conditions.

Programme Workshop on Inclusive Communication