Doctoral School | Gender Mainstreaming in Research

25 march, 2022≈ 2 min read

Brief course description:

  • Gender and scientific research - What and why?
    • Key concepts and definitions: Sex and gender; gender inequality and equality; gender biases; gender invisibility (in science).
    • Relevance of gender mainstreaming in research and innovation: the gendered nature of scientific knowledge; contribution and added value of gender analysis in research
    • Gender equality in international and European research policy agendas: European Research Area (ERA) and Research Framework Programes (Horizon Europe)
  • Gender and scientific research - How?
    • The dual approach to gender mainstreaming in research: participation of women and men in research and research content
    • Gender Mainstreaming Versus Gender Specific Research
    • The gender sensitive research cycle
    • Methods and techniques for sex/gender/intersectional analysis in the research process: ideas, research questions and hypotheses; project design and methodology; research implementation (information collection instruments and data analysis); dissemination (data reporting)