The project "Strategies for the conservation of the museological heritage of the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra" was one of the ten initiatives awarded by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (IIIUC), through the programme "Promoting Scientific Culture 2022".

This initiative consists of Talks about the heritage of the Science Museum, Visits to the new museum reserves located in the Colégio de Jesus building and Workshops.


10H00 - Opening of the cycle / moderation | Paulo Trincão (MCUC)

10H30 - "The MCUC collections: The diversity of materials and their preservation" | Gilberto Pereira (MCUC, CFisUC)

11H00 - Coffee break

11H30 - "The interior environment of the MCUC: The hygrothermal conditions for the preservation of the collections" | Nuno Saraiva (LAETA/ADAI)

12H00 - "The disinfestation process by anoxia: some considerations from the experience at the MCUC" | Luísa Dias Pereira (LAETA/ADAI)

12H30 - Free lunch

14H00 - "The hidden life at the Science Museum of Coimbra University" | Ana Cristina Rufino (MCUC, CEF)
14H30 - "Fungicidal effects of essential oils in low oxygen environments. An innovative approach to heritage conservation" - Nuno Mesquita (CEF)

15H00 - Debate

16H00 - Coffee break

16H30 - Visits to the new reserves in the Colégio de Jesus building and the anoxic chamber. The visit will be guided by the Museum curators: Ana Cristina Rufino, Ana Cristina Tavares, Carla Coimbra, Gilberto Pereira

Registration for the visits is limited (send email to Gilberto Pereira:


10h00 - Workshop I: "The identification of materials. Its singularities" | Gilberto Pereira

In this workshop we intend to present numerous materials; which are the instrumental techniques of analysis for their correct distinction and to highlight some problems associated with the existence of these materials or their use in a museological context.

11H00 - Coffee break

11H30 - Workshop II: "Basics for identifying the main groups of pests that occur inside buildings" | Ana Cristina Rufino
This workshop aims to convey basic notions of Entomology (study of insects). Presentation of groups of animals that can be pests inside buildings (houses and museums). Identification of the main pests found in museums.
Registrations for the workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 people.(send email to Gilberto Pereira:

Local: Anfiteatro do Laboratório Chimico

Free entrance for the series of talks. Registration required for the Visits and the Workshops.

- Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (IIIUC).

R&D Units of the UC involved:
- Centre for Functional Ecology (CEF)
- Physics Centre of the University of Coimbra (CFisUC)
- Associated Laboratory for Energy, Transport and Aeronautics (LAETA) / Association for the Development of Industrial
Development of Industrial Aerodynamics (ADAI)