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We are renewing the Postdocs@uc team! If you are interested in communication, are passionate about advocacy and would like to improve the working conditions of UC researchers, send us an e-mail and join us!

PostDocs@UC is an initiative that aims to bring together all researchers holding a PhD degree and affiliated with University of Coimbra on a temporary contract.

IIIUC welcomes and provides logistical support to researchers of the PostDocs@UC group in carrying out activities to promote their excellency, and to potentiate the formation of interdisciplinary and competitive teams at UC.

The IIIUC give logistical support to carry out other activities (workshops, seminars, symposia, debates, etc.) proposed by the researchers. Join PostDocs@UC.

"The University needs these researchers to enhance quality research but should create reception conditions in order to have the capacity to keep and attract the best young/recent researchers." In A Cabra, 21 May 2013", Cláudia Cavadas

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