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14 August, 2023
It was good to come to PubhD to speak "to an audience from different areas"
11 August, 2023
PubhD Coimbra is "a way to put communication skills into practice"
09 August, 2023
PubhD questions mean that "I effectively got the message across"
15 July, 2023
PubhD is a good way to "change our usual, more scientific discourse into a more accessible language that can answer community questions".
13 July, 2023
The questions they asked me [at PubhD Coimbra] will make me reflect on my project
11 July, 2023
In PubhD it is possible to contextualize the research project, which "also helps you to understand your project".
16 June, 2023
"I see that people really appreciate what we are doing" and not even the language challenge stops the sharing at PubhD Coimbra
14 June, 2023
I wanted to get to PubhD Coimbra and "present my PhD topic in a way that would be interesting".
12 June, 2023
"I had never done anything like this before" and PubhD Coimbra "was completely innovative for me"
12 May, 2023
"I like to talk about the thesis, I like the polemics". PubhD Coimbra "was an incredible experience that I recommend to everyone!"
10 May, 2023
"All PhD students should have this experience" at PubhD Coimbra to "look at topics differently and realise the impact they have".
08 May, 2023
"I like the idea of exposing my PhD proposal to a wider audience". This is what PubhD Coimbra is like.
14 April, 2023
PubdD Coimbra is "an initiative that gives the opportunity to all students" to present their doctoral work
12 April, 2023
"This is a conversation". PubdD Coimbra is "an opportunity to break university barriers and have a contact with the public".
10 April, 2023
The audience at PubhD Coimbra "has a different sensibility and a way of looking at things that helps our reflection"
10 March, 2023
"Being able to share (my work) with colleagues and arouse a little curiosity" is an advantage of PubhD Coimbra
08 March, 2023
PubhD Coimbra is "a very interesting concept of sharing between colleagues"
06 March, 2023
The audience at PubhD Coimbra "challenges us with questions outside the box"
03 February, 2023
"Sharing ideas and hearing what other people think about what I'm doing is very important"
01 February, 2023
At PubhD Coimbra, science reaches "the places where people are", which is "very appealing"
30 January, 2023
Coimbra PubhD is "an opportunity to share scientific research" with the community
28 September, 2022
PubhD Coimbra is back to get PhD students sharing their research with society
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