At PubhD Coimbra there is a plurality of diverse themes!

The second speaker at PubhD Coimbra de Abril was Thales Roel, from CISUC - Centro de Informática e Sistemas da UC. The topic of the conversation was “What are the creative possibilities and paradigms for creating sound from gestures and movement?”, the research topic of this student in the PhD in Computational Media Design.

13 june, 2024≈ 2 min read

Why did you decide to participate in PubhD Coimbra?

I've known about the initiative for a while now and have always been enchanted by the presentations and the plurality that exists within the event. So I decided to take the plunge because as I'm still at the beginning of my PhD - there are a lot of doubts and sometimes a huge theoretical field. And it's good to make these disseminations so that we can also internalize the concepts, and know how to convey [the information] in the best way. And that's why I decided to participate.

How was your experience in this edition of PubhD Coimbra?

It was extremely enriching, I really enjoyed the questions and people's enthusiasm and also the plurality, again, of the diverse themes in this edition.

Would you advise other colleagues to participate?

I would definitely advise it, it is a very exciting and, above all, challenging time. And I definitely recommend it!