"I like the idea of exposing my PhD proposal to a wider audience". This is what PubhD Coimbra is like.

From the PhD in Sociology - Cities and Urban Cultures, Violeta Becerril brought to the April edition of PubhD Coimbra the topic of her thesis: "Instacity: The city represented by new technologies and communication". The PhD student is part of the Social Studies Centre of the UC.

08 may, 2023≈ 2 min read

Why did you decide to participate in PubhD Coimbra?

I saw on the Facebook page that a friend did, asked him and decided to apply. I like the idea of exposing my PhD proposal to a wider audience and also to practice. (It's good) to share the project and have questions from a wider audience.

How was your experience in this edition of PubhD Coimbra?

I liked it very much; it is another type of explanation and discourse that is not the same as in an academic environment, which is more closed. It is trying to explain a problem, a construction of a sociological issue, in my case, in easier words and more straightforward ideas, for everyone.

Would you advise other colleagues to participate?

I would recommend it, yes. It is an excellent experience with an audience not from the area. I work with architects and, programmers, people from the digital humanities. And it is always good to have a transdiscipline.