The audience at PubhD Coimbra "has a different sensibility and a way of looking at things that helps our reflection"

Laura Brito is a PhD student in Sociology and integrates the Centre for Social Studies (CES). In March, she was one of the speakers at PubhD Coimbra and spoke about how "Gender, race and class discriminations influence the experiences of pregnancy, birth and postpartum".

10 april, 2023≈ 3 min read

Why did you decide to participate in PubhD Coimbra?

I had heard about it. A friend was part of the organisation a few years ago and we always talked about participating when we got to the PhD. Now, at a more advanced stage of my work, I thought it was the ideal moment to actually be able to participate and bring my presentation.

How was your experience in this edition of PubhD Coimbra?

I liked it, it was easier than I thought it would be. It is very good to speak in an informal environment and to other people who are not from the area, without the constant pressure that you are being evaluated (this) makes it more dynamic. Those who don't understand the context behind it, I think they have a different sensibility, and will raise questions that are not necessarily more pertinent, but that has another approach, another way of looking at things, and this helps our reflection.

Would you advise other colleagues to participate?

Yes, I will pass the message on to my colleagues (not many people from my area are participating) because we tend to make presentations that are a bit longer and there are things that cannot be explained in such a short time. But the truth is that it's an exercise that is normal nowadays. The difference here is to explain things in a simpler way, because the audience is not so knowledgeable about the area. Everyone should participate.