Winning Project 2022

CO2BioFilter - Bio-Filter for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Valorization: A Sustainable Approach towards Environment, Health and Circular Economy presented by researcher Rui Carrilho. This project consists in using food waste to obtain carbon materials that, after modifying their structural properties, allow the creation of an efficient bio-filter for CO2 capture. The CO2 will then be used in the chemical synthesis of potential new molecules with antibacterial properties, responding to the principles of Sustainability, Circular Economy.

Project Ptich

Winning Project 2021

"INOCleanMat - Innovative Materials for Clean Energy Storage Systems" presented by Daniela Ribeiro Pinheiro from the Coimbra Chemistry Center.

This project responds to the need to store clean energy from renewable sources by creating batteries made of sustainable compounds.

Project pitch

Winning Project 2021
Winning Project 2020

"Citydemics – Planning cities for pandemics" presented by Eduardo Natividade Jesus from DEC/FCTUC.


Pitch project

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