(Less)PlasticBrain: Bio Replacing Plasticizers – Impact in the Human Brain Development
Winning Project 2022

(Less)PlasticBrain presented by the researcher Catarina Miranda. This project aims to replace plastic additives or plasticizers, which are highly toxic compounds that are added to plastics and migrate to the environment, contaminating the whole nature. They intend to test new additives that are biodegradable and harmless to humans and the environment using mathematical models and human brain models.

Project pitch

Projecto vencedor 2021

"NeuroCompute: Exploring the missing link between neuronal primary cilia dysfunction and neurophysiological properties using brain organoids and computational modelling" presented by Catarina Morais Seabra from Centre for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

This project promotes the development of a new study model (cell organoids) for neurodevelopmental diseases, such as autism spectrum disorders. The work of this team will allow a deeper understanding of these diseases, reducing their social and economic impact.

Project pitch

Winning Project 2020

“BioHab – a biofeedback solution for cognitive training systems” presented by
Marco Simões from DEI/FCTUC.


Project pitch

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