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Heritage, Culture and Inclusive Society


Winning Project 2022

Fungicidal Effects of Essential Oils in Low Oxygen Environments - An innovative approach to Heritage Conservation (EOLOE) presented by researcher Nuno Mesquita. This project is an innovative approach to the preservation of Cultural Heritage through the incorporation of essential oils with fungicidal and insecticidal properties in sterilization chambers to control the contamination of Natural History pieces. This is a new process for the development of conservation strategies for museum collections.

Project Pitch

Winning Project 2021

IMAGINARIA: Participatory Enhancement and Protection of the Sculptural Heritage of the University of Coimbra's Paço das Escolas, presented by Sandra Costa Saldanha from the CHSC - Centre for the History of Society and Culture.

This project will carry out the conservation diagnosis and restoration of several works of the University of Coimbra's Sculptural Heritage using innovative methods. It will also promote sustainable tourism through the diversification of tourist routes in the Paço das Escolas, integrating various artistic performances in its dissemination.

Pitch of the Project

Ver o que o passado (ou)viu
Winning Project 2020

“Ver o que o passado (ou)viu" - Spatial and acoustic reconstruction of the Old Cathedral of Coimbra in the 16th century, presented by Joana Antunes from FLUC.


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