Andreia Gaudêncio

PhD student

Title of talk: Artificial Intelligence at the service of Medicine!

Description: Entropy algorithms allied to machine learning can be designed to assist in the diagnosis and quantification of pulmonary modifications when screening patients at hospitals or clinical environments.

R&D Unit: LIBPhys - Laboratory for Instrumentation, Biomedical Engineering and Radiation Physics

Andreia Rodrigues

PhD Student

Title of talk: Evacuation in rural fire situations - informing for safety!
Description: Rural fires - changing paradigm in the world; Evacuation or confinement in one's own dwelling - factors leading to the choice for each one of the situations.
R&D Unit: LAETA -Associate Laboratory for Energy, Transport and Aeronautics.

Anne Tess Guimarães

PhD Student

Title of talk: Building emotions from a wine experience.

Description: What are emotions? Do we know how to identify them? and more, How many people like wine? and Why do they taste wine? What emotions are aroused during a tasting in the port cellars? Do we feel more positive or negative emotions?

R&D Unit: CeBER- Centre for Business and Economics Research

Carolina Cabaços

PhD Student | Researcher | Professor

Title of talk: Let's talk about the elephant in the room: the stigma associated with mental illness!

Description: What underlies the stigma associated with mental illness is not yet known. These beliefs and associated behaviours bring catastrophic consequences for those who suffer it. What to do.

R&D Unit: CIBIT - Coimbra Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Translational Research

Cátia Marques

PhD Student

Title of talk: Nature lives without us. And what about us? Do we live without nature? - the Mondego beyond salt and fish!

Description: This talk intends that the public is able to recognize how we impact and are impacted by the different services of natural ecosystems, such as Estuaries and Salt Flats.

R&D Unit: MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

Clara Serrano

Researcher and Professor

Title of talk: EURO-IN: Understanding young people's perceptions.
Description: In a fluid and assertive register, I intend to disseminate my research on young people's perceptions of the EU. How they perceive the value of citizenship, the challenge of identity(ies) and the future.
Unidade de I&D: CEIS 20 - Centre for Interdisciplinary Twentieth Century Studies

Daniela Sousa

PhD Student

Title of talk: NarraTivAS - Narrative Family Therapy in the Autism Spectrum

Description: To present narrative family therapy on the autism spectrum, a form of intervention that takes into account the specificities of the person on the spectrum and their family.

R&D Unit: CIBIT - Coimbra Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Translational Research

Daniela Valério

PhD Student

Title of talk: Let's talk about the brain?
Description: Do you know how many objects you use on a normal day in your life? Here I will explain how the brain can recognise and access a lot of information about the hundreds of objects we use.
R&D Unit: CINEICC-Centre for Research in Neuropsychology and Cognitive-Behavioural Intervention

Marina Faria

PhD Student

Title of paper: Motherhood, Immigration and Empowerment: The Struggle of Women who are Mothers of People with Cognitive Disabilities.
Description: The research aims to be a contribution to the discussion on female migration, specifically regarding immigrant women in Portugal who are mothers of people with disabilities.
R&D Unit: CES - Centre for Social Studies

Rute Santos

PhD Student

Title of talk: Did you know that Solar Activity can be detected on the Electricity Grid?
Description: The Sun is responsible for Geomagnetic Storms on Earth, which has effects on the power transmission network. The interest in studying this subject increased after a blackout in Canada in 1989.
R&D Unit: CITEUC - Centre for Earth and Space Research of the UC

Sílvia Castro Loureiro


Title of the paper: The love life of plants and their pollinators.
Description: Purpose of flowers and diversity of shapes and colours, who are the pollinators and their diversity, importance of pollinators for the maintenance of terrestrial ecosystems.
R&D Unit: CFE - Center for Functional Ecology - Science for People & Planet

Vânia Moreira


Title of talk: Adventures of an antibiotic.
Description: Demonstrate the "adventures" that an antibiotic undergoes at the hands of bacteria which result in the various mechanisms of resistance and exemplify how we make new molecules to obviate this problem.
R&D Unit: CIBB - Center for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology