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Coimbra Genomics

Coimbra Genomics


Coimbra Genomics aims to bring individualised medicine to the desktop of every doctor. We develop tools that bridge genomic knowledge and medical practice, making it easy for any physician to make important decisions adapted to each patient's genetic makeup. We believe in personalised medicine, because health is a personal matter.

site: www.coimbra-genomics.com

Core Competences

  • ELSIE® − a platform that can be used by any physician to make more informed, personalized genome-based decisions about their patient’s healthcare, regardless of previous knowledge in genetics, and without stopping patient flow or requiring learning on the spot;

  • Translation of pharmacogenomics knowledge and genotype-phenotype correlations into simple and easy-to-read genetic reports that physicians can use to make better informed decisions about their patients’ specific health condition.

Research and Commercial Interests

  • Looking for strategic partners who may want to try out the ELSIE® platform with a view to integrating it into their existing pipelines or work together on joint products and services;
  • Joint-venture agreements with industry and/or academia for the discovery of new molecular biomarkers involved in various genetic disorders;
  • Integration of International/European consortia for Horizon 2020 projects.