Computational Biology @ UC


Computational and Systems Biology Group


We are a multi-disciplinary research team located at CNC.IBILI focusing on generic organisation principles of biochemical systems, mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of biochemical circuits, redox signalling and protection against reactive chemical species, on modelling the metabolism of proliferating cells.


Core competences

  • Kinetic modeling and systems analysis of biochemical networks

  • Computational methods for characterizing the performance of biochemical circuits

  • Optimization methods for biochemical networks

  • Cellular resource allocation models

  • Modeling of permeation of physiological barriers

  • Molecular dynamics of lipid bilayers

  • Metabolism of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant protection

  • Redox signaling

  • Erythrocyte metabolism

  • Coarse-graining methods to speed-up computation

  • Rule-based construction of chemical reaction networks

Research Interests

  • Organization principles connecting the design of biochemical systems to their function

  • Redox signaling

  • QSAR for permeation of physiological barriers

  • Molecular dynamics  studies of membrane insertion/desorption and diffusion

  • Development of improved tools for relating the design of biochemical circuits to their performance

  • Multiscale modeling integrating molecular events with physiology