Computational Biology @ UC


Soft and Biological Matter 


Located at the Department of Physics, the Soft and Biological Matter group of the Center of Physics of the University of Coimbra (CFisUC) integrates theoreticians and experimentalists. The main interest is the modelling of the Physical processes in Biological Systems: cell motility and rearrangement, blood flow and interaction of biological molecules with light, for example. The existence of varied microscopy techniques (multi-photon, atomic force, electronic) in the Department as well as strong collaborations with experimental groups permits a validation of the developed models.

site: http://condmat.lca.uc.pt/?page_id=92

Core competences

  • Simulation with cellular-automata and agent-based models

  • Phase-field modeling

  • Model tissue growth in (non-)linear (visco)elastic materials

  • Model dynamics of biological systems with spatial dependence

  • Positron annihilation spectroscopy

  • Time-dependent density functional theory

  • Data simulation and analysis of large and complex samples

Research Interests

  • Angiogenesis modeling

  • Tumor growth modeling and simulation

  • Blood flow and irrigation in altered vascular networks

  • Interaction between light and biological molecules

  • Ab-initio determination of electron structure of biological molecules

  • Experimental analysis of the structure of polymeric and biological materials

  • Single-cell movement in the extra-cellular matrix

  • Multiscale modeling - integrating cellular and tissue level processes