Computational Biology @ UC


Genoinseq - Next Generation Sequencing Unit


Genoinseq is the Next Generation Sequencing Unit of Biocant. We offer DNA and RNA next generation sequencing, genotyping and large scale bioinformatics analysis. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts, engaged in the delivery of high quality personalized solutions to provide our clients added value results.

site: http://www.genoinseq.com

Core Competences

  • Next generation DNA/RNA sequencing (wetlab)

    • genomics (de novo genome, exome), transcriptomics (RNASeq and small RNASeq) and metagenomics

  • High throughput genotyping (wetlab)

  • Bioinformatics processing and data analysis

Research and Commercial Interests

  • Discovery of variants associated with diseases (eye diseases) for biomarker identification.

  • Dynamics of microbial populations in natural ecosystems and search for new enzymes with biotechnology potential.

  • Development/implementation of software for NGS data processing and analysis (de novo assembly, mapping, variant calling, differential gene expression).

  • Development of user-friendly interfaces for NGS data analysis.