Interdisciplinary Initiatives

What are Interdisciplinary Initiatives?

The interdisciplinary initiatives of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (IIIUC) contribute to the fulfilment of its mission and are materialized through the aggregation of dispersed skills in the UC around a relevant or emerging theme. Their main goal is to promote interdisciplinarity and to contribute to the development of the Research and Development Units of the UC Group, without replacing them. The fertile crossing of knowledge and joint reflection by experts from multidisciplinary scientific areas, around transversal or emerging challenges, allows the identification of new opportunities for research lines as well as new forms of collaboration in the design of strategies and possible responses to societal challenges, increasingly demanding and challenging.

How to launch an Interdisciplinary Initiative?

The launching of an interdisciplinary initiative presupposes the discussion and validation with the Directorate and eventual approval by the IIIUC Scientific Council.

As a matter of principle, and without prejudice to institutional support in the negotiation and start-up of each new interdisciplinary initiative by IIIUC, these initiatives should be self-sustainable (e.g. human resources, financial resources, other goods and materials).

To start the process, the concept or the main ideas should be registered in a form where some key elements should be identified:

  • Coordination team (3 to 5 people)
  • Interdisciplinary matrix (Frascati main scientific areas)
  • New contributions (R&D lines that do not exist or that complement the existing ones)
  • Deliverables (e.g. PhD courses, non-degree courses, other advanced training, projects and networks, etc.)

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