EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship

03 november, 2022≈ 2 min read

Apply for a fellowship from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) focusing on either:

  • energy
  • mathematical sciences.

You must have either:

  • a PhD
  • at least four years’ experience in a relevant field by the start of your fellowship.

An eligible UK research organisation must host and support you during your fellowship.

Your fellowship can be up to three years long. This is prorated for part-time fellows, at a minimum of 50% Full Time Equivalent.

Your project can use one or a combination of:

  • discovery science
  • innovation
  • instrumentation and technique development
  • software engineering.

There is no limit on how much funding you can request. 80% of your full economic costs can be covered. Your research organisation must fund the remaining 20%.

More information here.

Submit your Application here. Submissions are open with no closing date.