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16 january, 2023
4.ª Edição do programa de financiamento para “Projetos Semente de Investigação Científica Interdisciplinar” com candidaturas abertas
24 november, 2022
Women take the stage to talk about science
24 november, 2022
Women researchers make themselves heard on the streets of the city
04 november, 2022
LIP and CQC together in the last exhibition of the cycle "Research at UC"
17 october, 2022
FIC.A 2022 - A festival with lots of science and animation
14 october, 2022
CITEUC and MARE come together in the 6th exhibition of the cycle "What is being researched at UC?"
07 october, 2022
Around a hundred UC researchers participate in the International Science Festival in Oeiras
16 september, 2022
CEMMPRE and ISISE unveil their projects in the 5th exhibition of the cycle "What is being researched at the University of Coimbra?
06 september, 2022
Soapbox Science Coimbra com inscrições abertas
14 july, 2022
UC supports ten events promoting scientific culture
08 july, 2022
"What is researched at the UC?" invites you to explore IJ and CES projects
03 june, 2022
"What is being researched at the UC?" presents the projects of CNC and CEIS 20
06 may, 2022
iCBR and INESCC unveil "What is being researched at UC?"
22 april, 2022
Winners of the 3rd edition of the Seed Awards for interdisciplinary research known
08 april, 2022
An exhibition to discover "What is Researched at the UC?"
04 april, 2022
PCC Deadline Extension 2022 | Until April 19th
25 march, 2022
Results Pre-selection of Research Seed Projects 2022
31 august, 2021
Showing science in the feminine
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