/ European Researchers' Night

European Researchers' Night 2022/2023

The European Researchers' Night is a science communication event that takes place annually in several European cities, with the aim of promoting awareness and the population's involvement in science, bringing researchers and civil society closer together.

With the theme "Science for All - Sustainability and Inclusion", the 2022 and 2023 editions take place on September 30th in Coimbra and in three other cities of the consortium, Lisbon, Braga and Évora, and involve nine national partners in the area of research, dissemination and implementation of inclusion and sustainability, which are also joined by our local partners. The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (iiiUC), as the representative of the UC, in collaboration with the Coimbra Downtown Promotion Agency and the support of municipal entities, is organising a full programme of activities.

NEI 2022/23 activities aim to involve the general public, with a special focus on schools, their students and the older population.