An exhibition to discover "What is Researched at the UC?"

08 april, 2022≈ 2 min read

Research Centres within a Shopping Centre. The proposal arises from the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra and challenges the city to know the research that is done at the University of Coimbra (UC), at CoimbraShopping.

"What is researched in the UC?" intends to be a cycle of exhibitions that gathers, every month, two UC research centres and shows projects of the UC Research and Development Units, in a "way to take research to the public in general", says the Vice-Rector for University Research, Cláudia Cavadas. The centres "get together and have here a space to exhibit themselves", adds the Vice-Rector.

She explains that this is the first phase of the initiative that will present, until the end of the year, the work of "14 centres. A small sample of the 38 research centres of the UC".

"This partnership with UC and the promotion of these centres is fundamental for the community to have more contact with research", says the director of CoimbraShopping, Ana Rita Batanete. According to her, it is also a way to reinforce a greater "transversality, so that education reaches all our clients and shopkeepers".

The first exhibition counts with the CEAACP and the Ciepqpf.

Until April 21st, it will be possible to know the most remarkable projects or those with relevance to society of these two centres on the 1st floor of CoimbraShopping.

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