CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes


CEMMPRE is well equipped for synthesis of materials and components manufacturing and their physical, chemical, structural, mechanical and tribological characterization.

Main equipment:

Synthesis of materials and components manufacturing 

Horizontal quartz furnace (controlled atmosphere),

Injection Moulding System,

Magnetron sputtering equipment,

Mechanical Mill equipment,

Polymer Extruder,

Sputtering Clean Chamber,

Sputtering equipment (for flat and powder deposition),

Vertical Furnace.


3D surface texture analysis system,

Atomic Force Microscope,

CNC machine with triaxial force/binary acquisition system,

Contact Angle, Dilatometer (ultra-high quenching rate),

Differential Dilatometer,

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis, 

Electrokinetic Analyser,

Electron probe microanalysis,

Electro-spinning equipment,


Heat Transfer Analyser,

Helium picnometry,

High resolution field emission scanning electron microscope, with EDS, WDS and STEM,

Infinite Focus Real3D,

Laser Granulometry,

Linear reciprocating wear and friction teste machine-SRV,

Mass spectrometer,

Mechanical tests machines,

Mercury Intrusion,


Optical Microscopes,

Particle size analysis by sieving equipment,

Pin-on-Disk wear equipment,

Refractometer Digital Rudolph,

Rheometer Systems,


Size Exclusion Chromatography,

Small area glossmeter, UV chamber,


Surface Topography Analyser,

Thermal Balances (TGA, DSC/TG, DTA/TG),

Thermal conductivity analyser – hotdisk, Transmission Electron Microscope,

Turning machine with triaxial force acquisition system,


Universal mechanical testing equipment (tensile, flexural, and compression),

Wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, among many others,

X-ray diffractometer with hot chamber,

X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer,

X-ray microdiffractometer with stress analysis.

Sample preparation

Automatic mounting Press, 

Dimple grinding, 

High precision cutter, 

Hotplate stirrer, 


Polishing machines, 

Ultra-sound cutter.


For more information, please contact CEMMPRE (cemmpre@uc.pt)