CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Research Projects


M-Era-Net - TANDEM - Thick, adherent stress-free DLC coatings for demanding applications
Gram -positive pathogenic bacteria:  Smart Tools for Wastewater Purification
ClusterStents  - Bimetallic clusters for controlled antimicrobial activity on stents
RformBplates -Improve the manufacture of metal bipolar plates for fuel cells by the process of forming with rubber.
SafeSurf  - Light activated permanent antimicrobial surfaces
HIBSILASER - Improvement of the mechanical behavior of hybrid functional components obtained by laser sintering
WATCH4MING- Monitoring the stamping of advanced high strength steels
PT -W -  Biotools for a sustainable supply of tungsten - from biodetection to bioleaching and biorecovery
BIOCRITICALMETALS- Recognition of microbial functional communities and assessment of the mineralizing potential (bioleaching) for hightech critical metals
STRETCHTRONICS - Soft and Stretchable Mechatronics for Wearable Devices: Fabrication, Implementation and Applications
NESPLA -  Novel electrochemical sensing platforms for analytical probes 
HEALTHYDENT  - Design of new antimicrobial osseointegrated dental implants
ATRITO - 0 - The synergy between texturing and self-lubricating coatings for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly mechanical contacts
NANOXYPACK - Nano-sized oxygen scavenger for new active food packaging (Co-PI)
SMARTLUB - Smart self-lubricant coatings with controlled release of the lubricious agent for high temperature applications
CONTROLLUB - Self-lubricant coatings for high temperature application with controlled release of the lubricious agent
Comp4TA: Advanced Metal-Diamond Composites for thermal application
3D-2-4D - 3D to 4D printing: can bacterial cellulose make the bridge?
FAMTiC - Improvements on the fatigue behavior of additive manufacturing titanium alloys componentes
CATARACTUS -  Development of a medical device based on ultrasounds for objective cataract characterization and optimal phacoemulsification energy evaluation
COMP4UAV - Components for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) produced by additive manufacturing
NANOFIRE - Thermal and Mechanical behaviour of Nano Cements and their application in steel construction as fire protection
MicroMineR – Microbiological technologies in mining and recycling of high-tech critical metals
Programa de Ações Integradas Luso-Alemãs (CRUP) -  Geomicrobiological tools for the recovery of resources from industrial residual fluxes
CrackFree - Towards self-repairing metallic materials
NanoTiC - Nanojoining of Titanium to Ceramics
ifDAMAGElse: Modelling and numerical simulation of damage in metallic sheets: anisotropic behaviour and tension-compression asymmetry coupled approach for formability prediction
RDFORMING: Robust Design of Sheet Metal Forming Processes to Reduce Productivity Losses
EZ-SHEET: Easy-to-Use Strategy for the Accurate Material Description in Sheet Metal Forming
TherMechChar-XSteels: Toward virtual forming and design: Thermomechanical characterization of high strength steels through full-field measurements and a single designed test
Sim2AM: Computational methods for optimizing the SLM additive manufacturing process
FRICTION 4.0 – Modelling Frictional Heat
Program of Integrated Portuguese Luso-French Actions (PAUILF / PESSOA) - Development of models of thermomechanical behavior using the equibiaxial expansion test
Program of Integrated Portuguese-French University Actions   (PAUILF / PESSOA) - Towards virtual design and conformation: the challenges of parameter identification and thermo-mechanical characterization of high performance steels.
Acordo Portugal/Índia 2017-2019 - Development of advanced PVD coatings for machining nickel-based superalloys
ElastoOCT - Optical Coherence Elastography for imaging retina mechanical properties


ThermoCEL – Development of cellulose-based composites
FLEXIVINIL - Development of new materials based on PVC with flexible behavior without using external plasticizers for application in automotive industry.
VinylGreen - Production of phthalate-free PVC pipes
SafeForming - Intelligent defect prevention system for cold stamped components
waterSHAPE - Shape Adaptative Projetfile for High Performance Water Assisted Injection Moulding Process
coolGrafeno - Graphene as a rapid cooling solution of (micro) mould inserts
reGrafitti - From graphite residue to graphene reinforcement - a new way for the manufacture of nanocomposites
4additive -   Implementation of Advanced Portuguese Additive Manufacturing Systems on Portuguese industry: systems, tools, software and training
TOOLING4G - Advanced Tools for Smart Manufacturing 
Add.Additive - Add additive manufacturing to Portuguese industry 
4DComposites - Intelligent casting of 4D-based components in alloys with shape memory embedded in carbon pre-impregnated with thermoplastic
ARTTE – Advanced Robotic and Tool Technology, and Eco-efficiency
DM4Manufacturing - Aligning Manufacturing Decision Making with Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
(EWG) - Effi-World Glass - New concepts and materials for molds for the efficient production of glass packaging - a leap in international competitiveness
SAM - Smart active mould.
SMARTEDGE - Development of Smart Tools.
PROCOATING - Advanced coating processes.
BEPIM III - Microdevices doctors osteointegradoras capabilities by μpim µpim
MATIS - Materials and Sustainable Industrial Technologies - CEMMPRE
PAMI - Portuguese Additive Manufacturing Initiative
PSE GreenMove Resiquimica 
On-Surf - Coordinate Competences and Technologies in Surface Engineering
KERAMOS - Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems
Shellution - Optimization of product properties by the incorporation of biogenic calcium carbonate (egg shell)
WhatCim  - Ceramic nanocomposites produced by CIM for anti-wear and anti-static components
NANO4BIO - Plasmonic nanoparticles for bio-detection
BioHotMelt - Development of a new generation of rosin-based resins compatible with polyethylene based hot melt adhesives produced with metallocene catalysts
Disperlive - Controlled polymeric dispersants for high performance paints for transport applications
PolyCel - Novel cellulose-based copolymers obtained by controlled polymerization techniques
LubSysTech - Integrated lubrication and condition analysis management system based on monitoring the quality and performance of industrial lubricants
AEROXTREME - High Performance Silica Airgel Nanocomposites for Insulation in Extreme Temperature Environments in Space
Brain Metabolic Probe - In vivo monitoring of neurometabolic markers with biosensor based on microelectrodes


Erasmus Mundus - TRIBOS - Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces
SM WELD - South Mediterranian Welding Center for Education,
ComMUnion - Net-shape joining technology to manufacture 3D multi-materials components based on metal alloys and thermoplastic composites
ColRobot - Collaborative Robotics For Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing
Innovec'EAU - Medical waste in discharges of facilities for the elderly (nursing homes and senior residences): Risks, analysis tools and innovative and sustainable treatment processes.
Greencoat - Green high-performance and low-friction interfaces tailored by the reactivity of novel DLC 
Gelclad - Highly efficient cladding eco-panels with improved nano-insulation properties.
Solution - Solid lubrication for emerging engineering applications.
DPI2017-86324-R_Study of the behavior against impact and post-impact of wind turbine blades made of sandwich structures