CEMMPRE - Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Technology Transfer

The relationships between CEMMPRE and other institutions, such as Instituto Pedro Nunes – IPN, have led to stimulating new ideas for new materials, technologies, prototypes and products to be directly transferred to enterprises. IPN, shared by more than 50% by University of Coimbra, is an Institution of interface between the University and the Industry, mainly through its laboratories “LED&Mat” and “Electrochemistry and Corrosion”, headed by researchers from CEMMPRE. A procedure for the effectiveness of knowledge transfer from CEMMPRE include a team integrating researchers of CEMMPRE and managers of the University and IPN to promote the dissemination of the results with the objective of creating interest in the entrepreneur tissue for launching new enterprises. “IPN – Incubator” is also a strategic partner of the University of Coimbra for starting new enterprises based on strong and promising ideas, which can be demonstrated to be suitable to have success in the market.