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Scientific Research Methodologies


Develop in students a critical attitude regarding the scientific process, the research strategy, and the ways of research dissemination and communication. To know the national and international scientific ecosystems, including local research structures and networks (R&D Units in the UC group), national and international; to understand the whole process of writing scientific articles and the process of publication; organize and critically analyze the sources of information; to know and develop the forms of scientific communication and with the general public; to know the concept of Citizen Science and projects; to know the ethical principles and scientific integrity; to know the forms of impact of research; to acquire knowledge of scientific culture in several scientific areas.

Admission Conditions

Undergraduate, Master or PhD students at the University of Coimbra.

Course Coordination

Dr. Ana Santos Carvalho 

  • Coordinator E-mail:

Course Type 

Non-certified degree course.

First Session July 29th 2020

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