Acting Lines

Earth Observation (WG1)

Exploitation of Earth observation data for scientific (ecology, geosciences, archaeology, etc) and operational purposes, with a strong emphasis on the development of new methodologies capable of dealing with the challenges posed by the new 'Big Data' paradigm

Space (WG2)

Astronomy and Astrophysics, Planetary Sciences, Origin and Evolution of the Universe, Solar Physics, Space Weather and solutions for economic and societal sectors and Space Debris

Technology and Instrumentation (WG3)

With emphasis on 'New Space', the Space 'hardware' line envisages the development of interdisciplinary partnerships focused on the advancement of space exploration and utilisation and materials and knowledge for the benefit of life on Earth, technology and instrumentation for the study of space (ground- and space-based).

Management, ethics and sustainability (WG4)

Space exploration in the broad sense poses unique challenges to governments, companies and citizens. In this context it is important to understand and contribute to an ethical and sustainable management of the knowledge and use of space, the data generated and the resources applied in this field.